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I’ve been an avid horsewoman for many years. Once I caught “the bug” at age 11, there was no turning back. As a girl, I lived and breathed horses. I started lessons at a local barn which soon became my second home. I got  involved with a local youth group and started showing. I rode miles with friends on the trails throughout the bosque of the Rio Grade. I read about horses, I wrote about horses, I drew horses and I adorned every inch of my bedroom walls with glossy magazine photos of horses . (Beware, scotch tape does not come off easily!) In short, I was HOOKED!

As an adult, my journey with horses continues. Long gone are the glossy photos and drawings, but the passion has never died. Well, almost never. For years I competed with my horses in nearly every discipline. I’ve never been a serious competitor, but I loved the experience of putting what my horses and I had  learned to the test. But, several years ago, something unexpected happened. I found I wasn’t enjoying my horse life. Particularly, my horse showing life. I dreaded the process involved in getting my horses ready to complete. I wasn’t progressing, I wasn’t exited, and I wasn’t having fun–and neither were my horses. My relationship with them and my horsewoman’s journey was on the skids. How could this be? This was my passion.

I knew something had to change. I had been introduced to Natural Horsemanship a few years prior, but never took it seriously. Without too many options left, save quitting all together and selling my horses, what did I have to lose? Maybe the time had come to delve into it further. What I discovered was that even though I knew horses, I didn’t really know them. Like, how they think, what kind of “horsenality” they had, what pushed their buttons, and how they truly viewed me.  Since then, I have come to know all the things I really didn’t know about horses, and more importantly, all the things I really didn’t know about myself. And the beautiful thing is–there is so much more to learn.

Since finding Natural Horsemanship my relationship with my horses has grown into something I never knew I could have. It has helped me realign my passion with my goals and aspirations. It has taken me on a journey of self-development that has had an impact in my equestrian life, my writing life, and the game of life.

Here is where I want to share my journey with you. So hop in the saddle and let’s hit the trail!

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